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Story Map

Stories about

Earth, Human Life and Nature.

The causes, consequences and solutions of

Climate Change and Global Warming.

Story Map 1

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Story Map

This website lets stories come to life by using maps.

Stories about the beauty of the earth, the people who live here and its astonishing nature.
They are told through Story Maps, which are a combination of
documentaries, cartographics, photography, videos, pictures, timelines and text.
The stories are brought to life on a interactive, informative and thematic web page.

With this website I aim to increase the awareness of climate change and global warming
What are the causes and consequences of global warming and what are the solutions?

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About Me

I love traveling with my campervan, making maps & photos and enjoying nature.

Together with my family I have traveled for over 18 years by campervan.
We drove all over Europe in search of natures wonders.
I enjoyed every day to the fullest and marveled at lifes essence while in nature.

However, my hometown Groningen in the Netherlands is confronted by changes due to gas extractions.
Human interference has lead to negative impacts on my hometown's environment and nature.
Phenomenons such as earthquakes and global warming threaten our (my) way of living.

Earth, Human Life and Nature | Climate Change | Global Warming
Photography | Documentary | Camper Travel | Cartography

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Here are some of my latest Story Maps.
Click on the first image to see the Story Map on a new webpage.

Story Map Zuidlaardermeer

Story Map 1

Story Map 2

Story Map 3

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Story Map 5

Story Map 6

Story Map 7

Story Map 8

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Albert Kuijer | Email: albert@kuijer.eu